Introducing your new Community Manager

​I’m Dr Alison Halliday, your new Community Manager for the cancer-immune setpoint framework. A big hello to you all (we now have over 1,000 members!).
Introducing your new Community Manager

Thank you for joining our community - I’m delighted that so many of you have registered your interest in participating to help evolve the framework.

Over the coming weeks, please watch out for my regular posts where I will be:

    • Highlighting active conversations
    • Profiling our most active members - so if you’ve already been contributing, please look out for an invitation coming your way!
    • Spotlighting different factor types

I hope that we can all share our enthusiasm about the potential for the framework to accelerate discoveries in this rapidly evolving research field. But this can only be achieved with your help!

Please go to the framework and contribute your ideas - to improve on what’s included and to update it as new data are published (n.b. you’ll need to be on a computer, rather than mobile).

Don’t be shy – it is only by stimulating discussion and debate that we can collectively update, evolve and improve the framework together.

Join in and comment on existing factors, or add in new one’s – just remember to include a reference (a DOI), and indicate what type of effect the factor has.

I look forward to reading your comments and discussion!