How to post - a quick reminder

We’re really keen for all of our members to contribute their ideas. But we’re also aware that it may not be intuitive to know how to use the site! Find out how here.


In order to evolve the framework, we need all of our members to get involved - either by commenting on existing factors or proposing new one’s that may have been missed. 

To help get you started, please go to the framework - then follow our a simple step-by-step guide:

Adding factors

  • Click on the segment of the framework in which you wish to add a new factor.
  • Position the pointer over the factor type (or ring), and move to the nearest '+' symbol.
  • Click on the '+' symbol.
  • Add the factor name, a reference (a DOI), and indicate what type of effect the factor has.
  • Click 'Save'. Your factor will be added to the framework and a new discussion thread will be initiated.
  • Use the discussion thread to explain the addition you have made.
  • You can click on factors you have added and make edits or deletions.

Commenting on factors

  • Click on the segment of the framework in which the factor you wish to comment on is located.
  • Click on the factor.
  • Click on the comment button. This will direct to the relevant factor thread in the discussion section.

Happy posting – l look forward to seeing your ideas!

Dr Alison Halliday

Community Manager, Nature Research

Molecular Biologist turned freelance science communicator, with 10 year's experience at Cancer Research UK.