Showcasing members of our community

You may have noticed some new Q&A posts profiling individual community members and their research. Here’s what they’re all about!
Showcasing members of our community

Evolving the cancer-immune setpoint can only happen with the help of our members. Keeping it up to date, improving on what’s included and adding new data that are being published all the time can only be achieved through a collective effort.

So we’re incredibly grateful to all of our members who are contributing – you can read my post summarising their ideas so far.

As a way of rewarding our most active members, I’m getting in touch people who have contributed ideas to the framework – to offer them the opportunity to feature in a Q&A post. These profiles are highlighted to all members of our community (there’s over 1,000 of us now!), so it’s a really great opportunity to raise your profile among your peers!

The first profile features Dr Alba Gonzalez-Junca, a postdoc at UCSF. And she was delighted to see a response from one of the authors of the cancer-immune setpoint, Dr Dan Chen!

“I really enjoyed reading this piece with Dr Alba-Gonzalez-Junca,” Dan says.

“Immunotherapy & radiation therapy has started off very similarly to cancer immunotherapy years ago – and may other aspects of new science. A sound initial scientific hypothesis and little inklings that suggest something about the approach works. And yet, it’s hard not to wonder why it doesn’t work much, much better! The answer probably lies in nuances of the immunologic reaction that we don’t fully yet understand. What’s the best way to deliver the radiation, to achieve the optimal immunologic reaction? What is the immune reaction that we are trying to stimulate? Necrosis? Infiltrating T effectors while limiting T-regs and MDSCs? And as Dr Gonzalex-Junca suggests, our old friend/foe TGF-beta? Any other ideas on pathways that limit anti-cancer immunity in the setting of radiation therapy?”

“Very much looking forward to learning more from this work,” he adds.

You can meet another member of the community in this week’s profile post featuring Dr Abhishek D. Garg, a senior postdoc currently working in Belgium. And look out for more that will be posted over the coming weeks.

If you’re interested in taking part – I’ll be looking to identify those members who are actively contributing their ideas to the framework.

So please don’t be shy - please go to the website (on a computer rather than mobile) and add to or comment on the interactive framework. All contributions are welcome, no matter how big or small!

Please see our ‘how to’ post if you need a quick reminder about what you need to do.